Our Story

Welcome to Wasted Time Custom Woodwork, where passion meets craftsmanship. Founded by Wade Heyl, our journey began in an unexpected way. Wade spent years working in the oil and gas industry, but it was after the passing of his father that he discovered a new calling. He poured his heart into building a bar and his father's camp/home, igniting a deep-seated love for woodworking.

Wade's talent extends to creating one-of-a-kind furniture pieces from reclaimed cypress and sinker cypress, breathing new life into these timeless materials. His work seamlessly blends artistic flair with technical precision, resulting in pieces that are both beautiful and structurally sound.

Wade's expertise also includes the use of deep pour epoxy, allowing him to create stunning effects with metallic pigmentation, tints, and inks. This technique has opened new doors for his creativity, adding a distinctive touch to his work.

Wade lives in Houma, Louisiana, with his wife and two children. At Wasted Time Custom Woodwork, every piece we create is a testament to Wade's journey, his dedication to his craft, and his commitment to turning his clients' dreams into reality.

River-Style C-Table Collection

Expertly Crafted Sinker Cypress & Epoxy Resin River Style C-Table